Monday, December 13, 2010

Cause He Does the Same for Me

Today, after I finished dinner, I went to wake up Mr. C.
He'd fallen asleep with Max and the two of them had been dozing for hours.
I woke him up and he promptly fell back asleep.

This happened at least four times.

And by the third time, I was mad.
I sat down in the kitchen and waited for him to come out of the room.
He didn't show.

I tried again.
He fell back asleep.

I thought about eating dinner by myself.
But then I decided to just bring dinner to him.

I piled up the plates and sat down on the bed with him. He woke up. He gave me a kiss. Then we ate lasagna and garlic cheese bread (heaven!) on our bed... all while our son slept in the crib next to us.

As we talked, laughed, and argued about who ate the most bread, I wondered about how often I get mad for no reason at all. And then I remembered that this morning, Mr. C. brought me breakfast in bed at eleven o'clock this morning.

He didn't bring it to me because I'd been up studying all night, either. He brought it to me (after taking a final!) because I was too busy reading a book to get out of bed. Then, a few hours later, he watched Max while I took a two-hour nap because I wasn't feeling well.

So really, I think he wins the "best spouse of the day" award today...
And he didn't even lose his temper.
(That I know of)

Christmas Cookies

I am a lucky gal.