Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did You Know...

That there are hidden elements to this blog?
My mom certainly doesn't.

First, you can read about my love for life and zebra shirts here.
Second, I recently copied posts from my short-lived single blog I kept when we were dating and engaged here and here.
(Hopefully those copies didn't show up in readers... that would be embarrassing.)
Third, there's a love montage of us being lovey-dovey here.
(There are other things, too, but I am too lazy to link them.)

If you haven't looked before, here's a picture of what you've been missing:

Favorite Shirt

My favorite man in my favorite shirt.

Favorite Man

You better believe he ripped that sucker off his body once I stopped clicking camera buttons.
But he put it on for me in the first place, which means he's a keeper.
It also means he's got a killer crush on me.