Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm a Mom... and Other Stuff

Today is the busiest day of my life.
So it makes sense I've kept Max in my arms all morning and given him way too many kisses.
But, really, who wouldn't want to kiss his rolls?


Last night, I had a dream that his legs were skinny.
And in that dream, I cried when I could wrap my fingers around his lower legs.
He's just so squishy!


This weekend, we are embarking on an eighteen-hour road trip.
I am so excited to get to talk to Mr. C. for eighteen hours.
He's really excited to hear about my outlooks on life that I haven't shared with him the past few nights... we have a really bad habit of staying up to talk until two or three.
And I am really nervous for Max to realize that he is strapped down in his car seat with no room to wiggle or sit up.


You better believe he'll be hopped up on sugar pacifiers when we pull into my parent's driveway.