Saturday, January 01, 2011

Helloooooo (Not Just Hey!) 2011!

I have never been a big New Year's partier.
Scratch that.
I have been to a lot of New Years parties and have worn my share of hairspray and glitter.
I have also spent a lot of New Years with pajama pants and Dick Clark.
BUT now I'm a mom and I spent New Years Eve with this:

Teething Monster

Yep. The Teething Monster.
He's pretty cute, and the white trying to break out of his gums is even cuter...
But he is still the Teething Monster which equates to a Mommy Monster.
My boobs hurt.
(By the way, Joy told me about a blogger who calls her baby the Boob Monster and I wish I had thought of that first.)

So, as mother to a Teething-Mommy Monster, this is what I learned last night:

New Years

Even though, some nights, I want to flip back the switch from fussing to freedom and fishnet tights, in reality I'd much rather spend New Year's Eve snuggling a Teething Monster, eating pasta, falling asleep to movies while laying across my husband's lap on our tiny couch, being woken up for the final countdown and going to bed ten minutes later. Also, I am happy and beyond happy that I am married to Mr. C., even though he hogs the sparkling cider.


It's not glamorous, but it's real life- my life-and I love that.