Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Secrets.

It's no secret that I'm a book nerd.
It's also not a secret that I'm a serious writing nerd.
Also photos. I am a photo nerd (see Exhibit A).

Exhibit A (11:365)
[This is Exhibit A, taken while I was multi-tasking by writing this blog and doing a four-month meal plan.]

What might be a secret is that my nerdiness extends to cooking (see Exhibit A), making up my own recipes, the Roman Empire, random art history facts, meal planning, sewing, donating clothing, anything surrounding Gone With the Wind, doodling, a serious love for fireflies, painting things that sometimes ought not to be painted (such as my purple scriptures), and frames covered in fabric, paper, or paint.

I can also turn my feet completely backwards and it doesn't stop there.
If I put my hand flat on a table and twist my wrist, I can turn my hand roughly 390 degrees.

I also have secrets that don't have anything to do with my nerdiness. I put on sweats (aka Mr. C.'s pajama pants) whenever I come home. Since junior high or high school, I have to stop myself from automatically resenting people with the names Chelsea, Alyssa, and Matt. So much so that my friend and I made a pact to never date anyone named Matt, something we both broke at least once a year. I have four brothers named Nathan, Joshua, Noah, and David. Before I fell in love with Andrew, I fell in like with at least five boys with three of those names. I've also dated more than one person named John and the day Mr. C. and I went on our first date, I had a past-relationships talk that afternoon with another man. I never talked to him again after Mr. C. held my hand.

I'm constantly redecorating our apartment (see Exhibit A). I used to work at a shoe boutique in the Gateway and wore heels every day for a year and a half. Except for right after we got married, I've had ridiculously long hair since I graduated high school and for three years, I either painted my nails black or white. I currently have 300 facebook friends, but before I was married I had over 1000 and at least 37 photo albums. I wore Givenchy perfume on my first date with Andrew and a week later, when we'd gone on a double date with one of his friends, his friend said that I was the girl version of Andrew. I disagree, but if I had been born a boy, my name would have been Andrew, too.

And since right now I am delaying thinking about food, I am going to tell you that I love Chinese food but I'm extremely weary when it comes to trying out new Chinese restaurants. I also feel the same way about pizza and if I had to pick one kind of food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican which means that I must have gotten something from my long lost Hispanic ancestors, even if it is all I got. Well, that and my brown hair and generous curves.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my meal planning for the rest of the semester.