Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mr. C. is 24!

Today is Mr. C.'s birthday.
Mr. C. is awesome.
I know, that's such a wifey thing to say.

But he really is.
About a year before we got together, I sat down and wrote a list of what I wanted in my future husband. Super cheesy, I know, but I'd never done it before and I figured it was time since I'd spent the last five or six years dating boys with big egos and little hearts. As my brother Nathan put it to my mother, "Is Lissa ever going to date anyone who's not a jerk?"

Like any other girl, I wrote down ridiculous oxymorons:
"Sensitive but emotionally strong."
"Smart but not a know-it-all."
"Likes sports but doesn't want to watch them on T.V."
"Funny but not funnier than me."
"Likes to have fun and is super attracted to me but doesn't just want to make out all the time."

I mean, really.
Andrew is some of these things, but if I had met a man who met all of my qualifications I probably would have hated him. Come to think of it, I think I have known someone like this and I did hate him.

But then I wrote a paragraph or two about what I really wanted and how I honestly didn't think a boy like that existed. I'm not going to retype the paragraph because it's embarrassing, but trust me when I say I described Andrew right down to his appearance, even though I missed the mark with his age and hair style. But y'know, you win some and you lose some.

(Oh, and I'm pretty sure Mr. C. and I spent at least 80% of every day making out while we were dating and engaged and until we had a baby. Just saying.)

Anyway, today's Andrew's birthday which also means it's our second full year of LOVE!
So, dear lover who is really funny but not funnier than me, this is for you:

Thanks for coming up to me at a party two years ago!

And for, y'know asking me out the next day and asking me to marry you six weeks later.
And for all the other stuff including making the bed earlier this week.

Oh you didn't make the bed this week?
I was just thanking you in advance for making it up next week!
You are the best! How did I get so lucky?

See year one here.