Saturday, January 08, 2011

One of My Favorite Songs

"I went to the market though it was threatening rain
I was late to the station and so I missed that train
And the streets filled with umbrellas and we all looked the same
But I'm the one whose waiting until the sun comes out again.

When We Were Dating

Found the book you gave me when we were first in bloom
When I thought you might save me from the dark side of the moon
Instead, we both went walking to the shadows in the bloom
And we never did stop talking and you still light up the room.

When We Were Engaged

The nights are longer. You make me stronger.
And the late light lingers on the grass
And the nights are dark but then they pass
They don't seem so deep, I'm still losing sleep but I don't mind.

When We Were Married

I got you a winter jacket that our baby wears around
And we chase him through the springtime and the sleeves drag on the ground
And every hour we're working and work and play are bound
And every day is sun day cause the sun comes dancing down.

When We Had a Baby

I was made for sunny days and I was made for you."