Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Some days I don't even know how I got from this:


To this:


I mean, seriously?

Anyway, yesterday my professor went gung-ho into a discussion about how motherhood is a role and that it's only one facet of a woman's life and in order to be a whole person, multiple roles are needed.

If I had heard that before I was a mom, I might have bristled a little bit, as if it were discriminatory or ignorant, but all I have to say to it now is "Amen, Sistah." Being a good mother and wife are my top priorities, but if I don't take time to be myself, I become a couch potato of boringness and (bad) sassiness. I'm sure it's not like that for everyone, but some days I just have to step back, say, "It's time to go be Lissa now... say good-bye to Mama!", and go do something that has nothing to do with bills, babies, or baby babbling... even if it means leaving Mr. C. with Max duty for longer than fifty-five minutes.

It saves my sanity.