Monday, January 03, 2011

So Long, Winter Break.

Today, we went to the library.

Me and Mama

I worked at a library through all of high school and two years of college.
The first job was a normal one where I stacked books and gossiped and texted and flirted in the back.
I flirted a lot in high school. I flirted a lot in college. I flirt a lot now.
Meaning, I am flirting with Mr. C. via text message as I write this.

The second one was different.
I sat in a locked-down office inside of the Special Collections where I processed nineteenth century LDS manuscripts. Basically that means I've seen more authentic Brigham Young signatures than most people my age and my dad's age combined. It also means I worked with one of the Church's leading historians for two years and that once, I labeled seventy-five maps and afterwards, they put them outside with a sign that said "free." Plus, I've written more mini-biographies than I could ever tell you.

Mr. C. didn't work at a library.
He worked at a pizza place called Nick 'n Willy's.
But that's beside the point, except that we had pizza for lunch today.

I don't know if it's because I love books and words or because I worked in one for six years...
But libraries are like my second home and I love them.
Maybe it runs in my blood, because Maxwell was a big fan of his first library trip.

I LOVE to Read!

I don't think it has anything to do with blood, though... I think it has to do with his love of the pigeon books.
From the time he was two months old, all I've had to do was bust one of those suckers out and his screaming would turn into squeals of delight. He's a sly one, that pigeon.

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