Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where I Thought For A Moment About Being Vegetarian.

I'm going to say to say it straight: I am not a Provo promoter.
I barely even like it, mainly because I loathe the grocery stores. If I had to create my own personal hell, it would be an endless stream of Macey's and Smith's and Albertson's. Andrew doesn't understand the serious loathing I hold for our grocery stores and I'm not completely sure I understand it either, but I do know this: he's only been in HyVee and Hen House once or twice, which means he doesn't know that grocery stores need to come complete with walk-in refrigerated floral departments and (yummy) little cafe restaurants.

We're going to have to check out the grocery stores before we move this summer.

This post has nothing to do with grocery stores so I'm not sure why I just spilled that information. I should have started telling you about one of Provo's landmarks... a landmark which we went to today.

Enter Tucano's.


Tucano's is every man's dream.
Waiters walk around with sticks full of meat, there's a huge side and salad bar and it is all you can eat. When I first moved here, I felt like I was constantly hearing about the greatness Tucano's held and was ditched by multiple men so they could go there with their friends for bromances and beef.

Then I met Mr. C. and he took me there after I went wedding dress shopping, which meant that I was important enough to surpass his bromances and that he loved me enough to buy me $20 worth of meat... which I guess was his way of saying that I was his soulmate.

Today was Max's first trip there and well, let's just say he proved himself a man:

I'm Hungry!

I don't know if it was because he's not very sick anymore and was actually able to eat solids, but he matched Andrew bite for bite during our entire lunch. And when we weren't fast enough, he tried to eat the table.


My favorite thing there is the barbecue chicken and when Andrew said, "The skin's the best part!" I almost choked because, for the first time, I thought about what skin was and became repulsed. Then I needed more barbecue so I got over myself and my split second thought to abstain from meat.


The boys are really happy about that.