Sunday, February 06, 2011

The 100 Dollar Challenge.

I have news.

Mr. C. and I (and Max!) are a little bit poor.
I know, right? The fact that we live in a one-bedroom apartment sans a washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher but full of homemade goods, used books, and hand-me-downs wasn't a give away at all!

Our Poor Fam

I reckon that everyone is poor at least once in their life and I figure that being poor now is much better than being poor later... though I do curse the birthing-powers-that-be that made Max's birth cost triple the amount we budgeted for (even though we now have less than $2000 left to pay off! Woo!). I'm also kinda glad that we're poor because even though I was good at finding sales before, I can now remake practically anything to make it look pretty.

You want to turn string into potholders? No problem.
You want to turn a pillowcase into a skirt? No problem.
You want to frame your own pictures rather than paying for someone else's? No problem.
You want to make that 18-year-old frame shiny and new? No problem.
You want to make wall art simply out of fabric? No problem.
Want to turn a t-shirt into a stuffed animal or an old sheet into curtains?
No problem there, either.

Being poor is an experience and I say we've handled it well so far. We live very comfortably but for a few months (namely November to January), things got really scary. We still paid our bills and thanked heaven we bought Christmas presents early, but basically we couldn't talk about money in broad daylight. It was like the vampire in the back of our closet... and not the Edward Cullen kind.

Lately, we're not as poor as usual, which means we've had more impulse buys which basically means we've had two or three impulse buys (hellooooo, Fallen and cheap-o make-any-day-happier fisheye adapter lens... I love you). We've also had a whole lotta catching up to do with things like buying paper towels and my website which adds up quick.

Which is why Mr. C. and I are embarking on a One Hundred Dollar Challenge that starts today!

Basically we are going to see how far $100 can carry us. We're hoping, at a minimum, that we can make it last for fifty days, which is March 28th. Like I've implied, we're not big spenders, but I'd still say we spend $65 every week.

Since most of our spending money goes to food, groceries are included in the $100, which means we stocked up on tons of meat and Costco-type materials last week. Bills like rent and Max's hospital fees and work expenses are not included. We're doing this mainly for fun, so we're excited to see how it goes!

Our Major Expense Whom We Love Dearly

Even though he doesn't look like it, Mr. C. is excited to not spend money... this actually all came about because he wanted to "try something new every month" and I decided I'd rather be poor-er for fifty days than become a vegan for a month or stop doing what I'm doing every time of day that Muslims stop to say their prayers.

P.S. Let us know if you know of anything free in Provo or Utah Valley!