Thursday, February 10, 2011

: 596 :

The past few weeks, I've had a lot of issues with social media.
I'm not sure where it started, but it ended with the Jimmer drama that's been sweeping across Provo the past few days. Personally, I would (usually) rather listen to country music and paint my toenails than follow sports, but that's because I'm the oddball in an extremely sports-centric family.

(I'm looking at you, Mama, Nathan, Joy, Joshua, Ana, Anna, and David.
Not to mention you, Uncle Dave, Aunt Jo, Whitney, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Bernard, and Ben.
Or you, Matt and Mr. C... But especially you, Pops and Noah.)

Basically, a girl wrote into the university's newspaper making some extreme comments about everyone's obsession with one of BYU's basketball players and in return, hundreds of students flooded her facebook page, reminding me of the time I announced to a drunk frat house that I wouldn't be drinking beer. Those frat boys loved their beer almost as much as BYU students love their Jimmer. And that, my friends, is a lot.

I was already wondering, but the Jimmer debacle really made me wonder whether or not I wanted to keep blogging. Not that the circumstance had anything to do with blogging, but it did have to do with social media, which is one of the central cores of blogging. Whenever you put something on the internet, it's automatically up for grabs. Especially when people don't know you, just the words (and typos!) you write, there's a distance, as if the person you're reading about isn't really a person at all. It's extremely easy to judge someone based on their facebook page, twitter, or blog when the words that person writes and images they upload only offer a narrow perspective into their life.

For example, I have had postpartum depression basically ever since Max was born.
I've known it all along, my husband's known it all along, and we've been working through it every day even though sometimes it's the big, fat, sparkly pink elephant sitting in the corner of the room that neither of us want to touch. I'm mostly out of the haze now, but it's been a rocky road I never could have written about when I was in the thick of it.

And so, I thought for a while about shutting down my blog and moving on with my life. Then I remembered how much I love to write about our lives- how all of this started as my own personal online diary where I would post a picture every day of our lives since Mr. C. and I decided pre-marriage that we wanted to be able to look back and remember as much of our marriage as possible, with visual aids helping us remember in our old age.

Then I remembered how, in the beginning, I would write in the title how many days we had been married, flirt with my husband about how he was the cutest man who ever graced the earth with his presence, and then move on with my day. And so, I tallied up how many days we've been married, wrote it down so I would remember, took a picture, and now, I am moving on with my day.

: 596 :

Yep. The 596th day of my marriage to a man with a hairy chest and the perfect-sized lips.