Wednesday, February 16, 2011

: 602 :

Not to have a mama geek out all over your reader...
but I can't believe my itty bitty babe (ha!) has gone from this:


To this:


Anyway, here is documentation of the time that Max ate his first love.

Step One
Step One Point Five
Step Two

He's been eyeing these diaper wipes for months and this morning, I let him go hog wild.

I think I earned the Parent of the Day Award.
Which is actually really hard to win because even though I let him play with the wipes he's been coveting since he was old enough to stretch, Mr. C. took Max to the grocery store and, well, let's face it- the grocery store is his favorite place.

Which is why I gave him mashed up beef stew for lunch.
Yep. Pretty positive that I am the Parent of the Day.