Friday, February 18, 2011

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Yesterday, we celebrated a wedding.


Andrew went to the ceremony, I found some babysitters (thanks, Ruthie and Rebecca!), we piled into the car, drove through a grove of trees, threw our keys at the valet, ran inside, and played footsie under the table. Then we listened to cheesy toasts and funny stories about the bride and groom while we ate chicken and steak. Yep, we are carnivores.

Sometime in my life, I became a serious sap. When I was younger, I was interested in love but not actually being in love, but sometime after marriage and a baby, I started letting the waterworks flow for everything. For example, yesterday I watched You Again and I cried when the main character's brother wanted to find out who said she was a loser so he could "talk" to them. I mean, seriously. Once some boys called me a loser in elementary school and my brother beat them up, but that didn't mean I cried then.

I just got away from myself.

I was going to write about Zac and Laura's wedding video and how it made me tear up because I love knowing that there's someone out there for everyone and that there are all kinds of love just waiting to be born. Which is incredibly sappy, so I'm going to change the subject to my husband's bromance with the groom.


Yes. That is Mr. C. feeding the groom dessert. And yes, this was Zac's idea. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm pretty positive Andrew and I have an extremely cheesy picture like this from our reception where we're feeding each other cake.

Wedding Dinner

I got Andrew's attention in the end, though, because I had on five inch heels and, as many chick flicks taught me growing up, heels win.

Speaking of chick flicks, my friend Mindy made a Valentine's list of what Hollywood has taught her about love.
And it is funny.