Thursday, February 10, 2011


Not gonna lie...

Study Couch
Study Kiss

I'd rather make out with (dreamy) Mr. C. then study.

But the good news is this:
Today I met with my academic advisor because I was naughty and failed a class last semester (woops!) and I realized that my GPA is a lot higher than I thought it was... which I guess doesn't matter since I'm not planning on grad school but whatev.

And the better news is this:
As I explained to the advisor why I failed while my baby sat strapped in a stroller next to me, happily munching on a wooden helicopter, we had a conversation that went something sorta kinda like this:

Academic Advisor: "Well, the good thing is that all you have to do is pass these classes."
Me: "What do you mean by pass?"
Academic Advisor: "I mean not fail."
Me: "So I can get a D- in every one of my classes and graduate in April?"
Academic Advisor: "Yep."

...Silence during which Max babbles about the glory of his helicopter...

Academic Advisor: "I mean, you might want to try for B+'s if you want to keep your GPA, but it's up to you."
Me: "Yeah... I'm probably not going to try to do that."

Thank you, former self, for being obsessive compulsive about grades for most of college. Now that I'm obsessive compulsive about babies and photographs and stringing together sentences that will never touch a professor's desk, I appreciate it.