Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Growing Up

Max is growing fast and I cannot convince him to stop.

Watch Me Grow!

Not even kidding, our now-seven-month-old (!!!) sometimes wears clothes meant for 12-18 month olds.
He's just a little burly through his legs, alright? And it's official: He has his first tooth!

I haven't seen it yet because he screams if you try to open his mouth as if he's trying to convince you he's not a horse, but he's bit me with it enough that I have the texture memorized. I'm pretty positive he's still working on a few that are ready to burst because I could feel five last week and he is still a grouchy grump, which is why he got put in bed at 6:30.

Which means I have a whole night by myself.
Which means I am staring at my computer screen, thinking about my boys.

Costco II
Costco I

Earlier today, Andrew sent me a text that said this:
"I'm so excited to grow old with you.
We're going to be the cutest old couple of all time."

After my heart pumped a little faster than usual, I made fun of his cheesiness and continued to flirt with him for at least thirty minutes. I'm a big believer in flirting and I'm also a big believer in snuggling and in enjoying your lover in every way possible whether it be through laughter, sports, art, conversation, winking, cooking, secret code names or all of the above.

Eye Kiss

Luckily for me, Mr. C. is a big believer in love, too.
And even though I make fun of him, I'm really excited we get to grow up and old with each other and love each other more and more every day, week, month, and year.