Monday, February 21, 2011

Where Andrew Touches a Stingray

On Friday afternoon, I came home, threw on my favorite (Alabama!) pajama pants, pulled Max onto my lap, thought about ordering a pizza, and started Season One of Ugly Betty.
An hour later, Mr. C. came home, threw on his favorite (Texas!) pajama pants, paid the pizza delivery man, paused Ugly Betty and put in Season Four of Scrubs.

And there we sat, in pepperoni and cheese filled heaven.

And there we sat for basically all of Saturday and Sunday, with pauses for work, showering, church, sleep, cooking, and moving around all the furniture to see Max barrel across the room.

It was blissful.

Then this morning, Andrew and I bought brand spankin' new phones which are basically our first adult phones (helloooo, Blackberry and iPhone, goodbye text-and-talk phones that I always break within three weeks) which I guess means we are adults now.


If, y'know, our seven month old who played with a Wii remote case the entire time hadn't already solidified that fact.

Afterwards, we went to lunch and the aquarium with our friends Whit, Russ, and little Link.
And while there, something happened that I never could have dreamed of:

Yep. Mr. C. touched a stingray. As everyone who knows him well knows: Andrew is deathly afraid of stingrays. As in if a stingray is within 100 feet of him, he freaks out and runs around screaming like a seven-year-old girl.

Okay. Not quite.

But when he was ten or eleven, he went swimming with stingrays and when one crawled up next to him, all his dreams of being a marine biologist drowned a quick death. He conquered his fears today though and touched one with two whole fingers!

Row Your Boat

I love him.

Max's New Best Friends

And Max and Link? Judging by the squeals and never-wavering stares they gave the fish and sharks, they'll probably dream tonight about that far-off future when they become marine biologists.