Sunday, March 06, 2011

And with This Post I Become a Legit Blogger.

Say helloooo to my weekend iphoneography collage:

The Boys

I think it's safe to say that, with these photos, I have arrived in the blogging world.
I was the only blogger not posting iPhone pictures, right?
Kidding! I know some of y'all use blackberries and other android phones, too.
Other smart phones are called android phones, right? I saw it in a commercial this week.

Did you know that iphoneography is a word? I didn't, either, but then I traded my newly acquired (free) blackberry in for the ($50) older model of the iPhone and I quickly learned that iphoneography is a word for iPhone photography. I tried to explain this to my husband while I sat in his lap during church today but he laughed at me and said that iphoneography sounds like something involving Brett Favre type cell phone pictures and not cell phone pictures that can be aged thirty-five years with the click of a button called "Nashville" in the (free!) Instagram app.


In other, non-vocabulary related news, you have full permission to laugh at Max's baby boobs.