Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. C. and Mr. C. 2.0

Today, Mr. C. shaved off his scruff and sent me a picture of himself sporting a mustache.
To which I replied, "Gross."
And then a few seconds later, I received this text:

Gosh that's

He is ridiculous.
So is his lookalike son.

Dad and the Babe

And yep!
They own my heart.

P.S. Today I ordered a new camera body and a new portrait lens.
I'm going to be checking the mail like a madwoman until they are here because I am so excited I can barely stand it and today I checked my email about eighty times before I got the "Your item has shipped" email.

Pretty positive that was the best email I've gotten in my whole life.
Or at least in the past two years since I ordered my last camera body.

Thanks, Amazon, for being awesome.