Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Someone Hand Me a Diploma.

This semester is killing me.

Kill. Ing. Me.

I'm enrolled in three classes and while two grades are fine, I have a fifty eight percent in stats.
Fifty. Eight. Percent.
All I need is a sixty to pass which shouldn't be a big deal but I'm probably worse at numbers than anyone you've ever met in your life which is why I studied History and English and stayed far away from anything mathematical for most of my college career.


The other thing killing me?
Andrew's taking a class centered solely on the Holocaust and for his term paper, he's writing about the portrayal of the Third Reich in modern film. I have read countless books, both memoirs and fictitious, about the Holocaust, but watching dozens of films on the subject is harrowing at best. Basically I've been having Holocaust-themed nightmares for weeks and I cry a lot. The class he's enrolled in was one I tried to take multiple times but I could never fit it into my schedule and now that I've read some of the texts for the class and watched the movies with Andrew, I am really glad it never worked out. I don't handle death or war well.

Sorry. That was probably a little much for blog land.
And, yes! I did just admit to reading textbooks for a class I'm not enrolled in. I am so ready to be finished with school, but I never said I wasn't an education/learning addict. I love to read and I love to learn. I can't help it! I've always been this way.

Anyway, I do handle these kinds of things well:
On Saturday, we spent most of the day in Salt Lake and after I wrapped a photo session, we headed over to Hire's for dinner.


There's something so childishly appealing about ordering food from your car and eating it while sitting in the parking lot.

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Andrew was in heaven while we were there, that much is for sure.
And Max? He slept through it all, but I'm sure he would've liked it, too.