Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stroller Shopping

It's one o'clock in the morning and, like any responsible mom, I'm wide awake shopping online for a new umbrella stroller. This shouldn't be surprising because I am really bad about staying up late, even when Mr. C. is passed out for the night like he is now... on my side of the bed.

Which is beside the point since, when I get in bed, I will roll him over to his side with my own bare hands.

Totally normal, right?

Anyway, here's some pictures of us partying during a picnic this afternoon.


Maybe this is weird, but this afternoon (yesterday afternoon?) I made a list of things that I am really bad at and it somehow made me extremely happy. Sounds weird, I know, but here is part of my list:

I am really bad about never removing chipped fingernail polish.
I am really bad about holding onto heinous, holey t-shirts and (loving) wearing them when I'm tired.
I am really bad at blog networking. No. I am horribly bad at blog networking.
I am really bad at wakeboarding and water skiing.
I am really bad about not wearing leggings as pants because I love wearing leggings as pants.
I am really bad at staying up late.
I am really bad about spelling my name different ways according to my mood: Lissa, Elisa, Elisabeth, etc.
I am really bad about turning my feet backwards when I'm not paying attention.
I am really bad about keeping empty paint bottles because I like how they look.
I am really bad about putting away my shoes.
I am really bad about making Mr. C. rub my back and fill up my water cup on demand.
I am really bad about licking batter of my finger and then repeating the process.
I am really bad at opening anything with child-proof lids.
I am really bad at skip-its. Those should sell on eBay for like $500 now, right?

Sometimes, I feel a lot pressure for things to be perfect, or even for things to just look perfect, but it's nice to write down "I am bad at thinking I'm 17 whenever I listen to Taylor Swift" and realize that it's not just okay that I'm bad at it, but it's actually really funny.

Because who cares if I'm bad at making Hamburger Helper or remembering to write down my New Years Resolutions? I certainly don't and don't ever want to be the kind of person who doesn't see humor in the things I can't do.

Besides, there's one thing that I will always be really good at.
And that one thing is being funnier than Mr. C.- the same Mr. C. who is about to be rolled from one side of the bed to the other.

Or, y'know, probably (hopefully) good morning by the time anyone reads this.