Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Names

My Baby

Disclaimer: I am not pregnant or planning on being pregnant any time in the near future, even though this photograph tugs at my heart strings and makes me want to call Mr. C. and ask him if he wants to add a fourth person to our family in nine months.

So we're clear? I'm not pregnant.
Good! Now I can tell you one of my secrets.

I am addicted to baby names.

I keep a list of them on my computer and I have multiple lists written out on paper. I string baby names together in the shower. I ask Maxwell if he'd rather have a sibling with Name 1 or Name 2, particularly when I disagree with Mr. C. about a name. When I'm driving in the car, I say my favorite names with Maxwell's to see if they fit together. Then, whenever I get the chance, I spring my new names on Mr. C. and dare him to defy my good taste. Which I guess could be weird, but it works both ways, as is apparent in the conversation Mr. C. and I had last night.

Mr. C.: "What about the name Rocky?"
... Silence where I pretend to have not heard him ...
Mr. C.: "Elisabeth? What about the name Rocky?"
... Silence where I pretend that editing photographs has impaired my hearing ...

Mr. C.: "What about the name Rocky?"
Me: "No."
Mr. C.: "Why not?"
Me: "Because."
Mr. C.: "I like it."
Me: "Once I met a mother who had named her child Rockwell and they called him Rocky."
Mr. C.: "I like Rockwell."

So here's my questions about baby names:
Do you think that siblings need to have similar names?

For example, my siblings (and Mr. C.'s siblings!) all have biblical names.
Obviously, we really love the name Maxwell, but do you think that means that, since Maxwell is a traditional name, each of our babies need traditional names?

Cause I'm pretty positive Rocky's not traditional.
And Forrest's not either... and one day, I will have a son named Forrest.