Saturday, April 02, 2011

Friday Afternoon

Yesterday, we headed to Tommy's Burger Stand after Andrew got off work.
We've wanted to try it out for a while and I can now say that I have tasted heaven's french fries:


Max started screaming in anticipation as soon as he smelled the food.
Which could tell you that this little burger joint is amazing (it is!), but it doesn't because Max screams in anticipation at the sight of a spoon or at the sight of a slice of bread. He is a foodie.


Afterwards, we fed the ducks!
They weren't very interested in us, but Max was spellbound by them.

Duck WatchingDuck Watching

And then Max melted our hearts as we played in the park.

Hi, Mom!

Funny how Friday nights used to be full of flirting, crushes, late nights, and parties.
Funny how it's still full of flirting but also full of slides, ducks, baby squeals, and a bag full of snacks and wipes.