Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am a Free Woman.


Oh hey.
I finished my finals yesterday and today, I am a free woman with a degree in History and English. I'm not walking on Friday, but we are attending commencement on Thursday, even though I won't be sporting a polyester/plastic/nylon cap and gown while I'm there. Instead, I'll be sitting with the Chandler fam while Matt sits somewhere else in his law school cap and gown.

I guess I'm lazy like that but whatev, it doesn't bother me!
I am a happy gal, Mr. C. is a happy man, we are a happy couple, and Max?


He's happy that his mom is making a quick transition from student mom to stay at home mom.
Weird, huh? I'm excited.

Anyway, today we went out to lunch at Zupa's to celebrate the whoppin' fifty-eight dollars we scored when cashing in our books this afternoon. We didn't think Max would like it, but he loved it...


And when I say that he loved it, I mean that he loved it so much that when we tried to put him back in the car, he rebelled and twisted, squirmed, and crawled out of his seat for ten minutes. All while squealing, babbling, and laughing, of course.


Don't worry, we laughed, too.
It's good to be free.