Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memory Lane.

The other day, we had a conversation like this:

Me: "Hey Hubbykins, what's your favorite memory of me?"
Mr. C.: "I have TONS of favorite memories of you."

... Silence ...

Me: "No, really, what's your favorite memory of me?"
Mr. C.: "Umm... our wedding and when we fell in love and had a baby and now."
(Okay, yes, that was just a liberal amount of paraphrasing but whatev.)
Me: "No, like, besides the normal stuff."

... Silence ...

Mr. C.: "I think one of my favorite moments was when we walked to the temple all by ourselves right before we got married and I held your wedding dress and we were so excited we could barely talk."
Me: "I liked that, too."

Our wedding

Me: "What else?"
Mr. C.: "In the airport when you went home before we got married and you wouldn't get off my lap because you were crying so hard... and then when I went to Europe and whenever I'd call, you'd cry because you missed me so much and you thought your family was really tired of you because they were tired of you crying about me all the time but you couldn't stop."
Me: "I did miss you that much."

Missin' You

Mr. C.: "Actually, I think one of my favorite memories of you was when we went to the zoo and we bought ice cream and you told me I was related to the wild asses and then we left after we'd been there for fifteen minutes."
Me: "I said you were related to the gorillas, too!"


Mr. C.: "I've got another one! That time we drove for two hours to find you a lake to swim in that you thought was acceptable and when we got there, you saw dead fish on the beach and we turned around, got back in the car, and went straight back home."
Me: "I can't swim somewhere where dead things are washed up on shore!"
Mr. C.: "I know. And that's okay with me."


Mr. C.: "Oh! And that time we watched Max tear up the paper at the doctor's office."
Me: "That child..."

Be Still, My Heart

Oh, Mr. C.... Thanks for being rad and putting up with my craziness every day.
I kinda really love you.