Monday, April 25, 2011

What I Woke Up to This Morning.

Meet my little Cheerio man.


He followed me around all day screaming "Mama!" while trying to crawl up my legs and if I walked away after smoothing his hair, he'd stay attached and walk around with me, babbling "Mama!" all the while. Needless to say, on my first real day of being a stay at home mom, I didn't get anything done. Not even dinner.

Love him.

P.S. After the most all-over posting known to man the past few months, I'm trying to get caught up and back on track with posting our every day pictures rather than never loading my memory card on the computer and recycling pictures from the same afternoon over and over. So sorry in advance for the triple Chandler features that will be bursting in your readers for the next while.

Oh, you didn't know that I've been slacking and pre-posting (mostly) everything on our blog since mid-February?
Well, I guess I just outed myself. But that's okay because starting now, this blog is (hopefully) about to get a whole lot more interesting. Or at least not as skippable if you're one of those people who follow blogs on a whim and then skim over most of them every morning while looking for your favorites.

Fact: I am one of those people.

And before this becomes confession night with Lissa C., I'm calling it a night.

Because since I've started to confess things tonight, I might as well confess this:
I really, really want Dan and Blair to get together on Gossip Girl.
Love them and their witty banter.