Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Again.

The past while has looked like this:


Maybe I should have titled this post "When Maxwell met Sophie and Cole" or "Bogart Cousins: Best Friends Forever" because these three are going to give us more run for our money than I ever could have imagined once we move five minutes away from Nathan and Joy (they LOVE each other!!), but I haven't gone through all of their photographs yet (I'm really talented at taking 500 photographs with enormous file sizes in a single day of playing), so I'll save that for later.

When we visited Arkansas this weekend, we found a two bedroom (!!!) two bath (!!!) apartment with a porch, a washer and dryer (!!!), a dishwasher (!!!), and vaulted ceilings. Which means that, when our lease starts on June 5th (!!!), Mr. C. and I will no longer be sleeping in the living room and that our bathroom will no longer be adorned with a shark bath mat and I'll never find Mr. C. sniffing baby soap in the shower ever again.

Did I also mention that we have free rent the first month?

We weren't planning on moving until the middle of July, and Andrew doesn't finish school until the middle of June, so now that we are, I'm staying in Missouri longer than expected to find cheap new furniture, sign the rest of the documents, get the keys, and paint the walls (!!!) in a few short weeks. Then I'll be back in Utah for a couple of weeks before we leave at the end of June, snapping photographs and spending most days shoulder deep in packaging materials.

We are excited and also a little shocked that things have moved so quickly.

When it's right, it's right. Right?
I've got to be honest: I'm just really excited to be back to my Southern/Midwestern roots and really excited to be able to feel the air fill my lungs when I breathe. I love air and I also love humidity.

Oh, and I'm excited for Andrew to further his education and get his name forever embedded in the sidewalk on campus. Because, really, who doesn't want their name immortalized in bricks and concrete?