Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lissa Clair Photos: Jayne and JR


Last month, I photographed my friend Jayne and her husband JR at the Great Salt Lake to test out some of my new equipment. When I got there, I was almost nauseous with nervousness which is weird. I don't usually get really nervous (excited, but not nervous) for photoshoots anymore but apparently, throw in one of my close friends and I became a full-fleged butterfly!

Anyway, the above picture is just to show you what a sassafrass Jayne can be (also to show you that they are a seriously cute couple), but if you'd like to see more, click here.

Also, here is a funny story: Jayne got married a day shy of a month before me, but she and JR dated a lot longer than Andrew and I did. Which isn't the funny part. The funny part is this: She lied for months about whether or not they were getting married. As in, a few days before they got engaged, me and our friend (her cousin!) Katie were needling her for information and she was like, "Seriously. We're not getting married." and more or less told us to back off like a grouchy pants so we did. Then, less than a week later, she called me with the news and said she kept denying because she wanted it to be a surprise. Did I mention we totally fell for her denials?

Traitor... but we were excited for her anyways.
Love ya Jayne! Thanks for letting me test my equipment on y'all... you're troopers and also the future recipients of some seriously cute photographs, if I do say so myself.