Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dear Lover,

I miss you, pulling out your premature white hairs, and your really lame jokes.


Remember when we were engaged and I went home for a month and all I did was sit on my high school bed and cry because it seemed like the end of the earth to be apart from you? Remember how I picked you up at the airport wearing a loose top and my tightest, shortest shorts and I jumped into your arms squealing and crying because I couldn't believe that you were there and that I was about to be with you all the time all over again?

Remember how, when we became parents, we were too tired to go sleep so we'd stay up all night snuggling, kissing, and whispering about when the baby would wake up and how we wanted alone time so much it was nearly unbearable but, at the same time, we couldn't wait until Max woke up and joined us once again? Remember how, before we ever thought about being parents, we'd drive through windy mountains and hold hands while I put my bare feet on the dash and you never once remarked about how I needed to repaint my toenails? Remember how you still grin at me when I put my bare feet on the dash?

Remember how, the first time you saw me as your wife, your face broke into a thousand grins and your eyes looked like sunlight because you didn't know it was possible to be so happy? Remember how, ten minutes later, you took my shoes off for me because it was so hot my feet swelled up and I couldn't stand still long enough to take them off myself? Remember how, for our entire relationship, we've conducted singing contests in the car with the likes of Hellogoodbye, Motion City Soundtrack, and Taylor Swift? Remember how you thought about inviting me to a Hellogoodbye concert through facebook months before we ever had a real conversation? Remember how we fell in love within minutes once we finally spoke to one another?

Remember how, today, I sent you seven different pictures of welcome mats for our new apartment and, somehow, I neglected to tell you that your top choice sparkles something fierce in real life (but not in the photograph) and how, when you found out about it once it was bought and paid for, you asked me if buying a glittery doormat meant that I wished you were a sparklepire?


It's silly things like that that I love most about you. See you in 48 hours!