Sunday, May 01, 2011

Max: Making Hearts Melt for 10 Months.

Yesterday, Max learned a new trick.
That's right, everyone, he knows how to wave!
Now that he's a whoppin' ten months old, he also loves to play by himself (as long as he can walk up to someone to say "hi!" every two minutes), sing, wave his arms in the air, stand in the middle of the room for 45 seconds until he realizes he's not holding onto anything, share, and... he still loves to sleep in our bed. Not that he's allowed to that much anymore but every morning around 5:30, he snuggles right between us and falls back asleep for another hour.

We love him.


In other news, the snow didn't impress us much this weekend.


Hopefully, though, it will be the last Utah snow we see this side of however-many-years-until-we-take-a-trip-back-here-for-one-reason-or-another.