Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Photo, Three Ways

Among other things, my little sister is an aspiring makeup artist.


Which, let's be honest, comes in really handy to cover my sleepy Mama eyes.

Every other time I've had to leave Mr. C., I usually spend 98.9% of my time as a messy grouchy pants who cries at least twice an hour but this time, I've been trying really hard to spend most of my time having fun with my family since I'm here for the greater good of the Chandler family and not to eat eight cookies a day, stay in my pajamas, and gain fifteen pounds

I'll be here for two and a half more weeks before our big move and Mr. C. will be visiting us before we head back to Utah for our final few days (weeks? we're still figuring things out) there, so even though I'm a sap who cries every day, I've tried to curb all my excess emotion into laughing fits (that often turn to laughter sobs... in a good way), working on art, working on my websites, and planning for our future.

And one decision we've made is this:
When we move to Fayetteville, I'll be maintaing a base in Kansas City, Missouri, for my photo business. Which is crazy, but also exciting. Who ever thought I'd be based out of more than one town? Good thing my mother has a pink walled sewing room with a vacant desk where I can work and carpet more comfortable than most of the beds I've slept on in my twenty-four-year life.

So am I intimidated? Yes. Yes I am.
But also excited. Mostly (extremely) excited. We've got to eat somehow, right?