Sunday, May 08, 2011

To Our Mamas

To my mama: Thanks for teaching me basically everything I know.


Thanks for playing with me as a child, even when you would much rather have taken a nap. Thanks for giving me pink and purple legos when my brothers wouldn't let me play with theirs. Thanks for giving me back my Barbies when Anna left them in the living room. Thanks for letting me play in your makeup and for teaching me how to shave my legs. Thanks for helping me make cookies when I was nine years old and thank you for passing down a gene that enables all Upton women to cook something yummy out of nothing. Thanks for letting me bring all of my childhood blankets into my marriage. Thanks for staying up late with me in high school so I could tell you about my friends and crushes. Thanks for all of the phone calls we've shared over the past six years since I left home. Thanks for being my best friend and most of all, thank you for teaching me how to be a mother. I couldn't have done anything I've done the past year without knowing that I could call you whenever I needed an answer to my one hundred and seventeen thousand mothering questions.

To Mr. C.'s mama: Thanks for raising the man who is currently sleeping while sitting up on the couch.


Thanks for teaching him how to sew, cook, and do laundry. Thanks for raising him in a home with countless books and thanks for reading him stories every night before he went to bed. Thanks for encouraging him to go on a mission. Thanks for not stopping him when he played in garage bands and thanks for sending him to a piano teacher from the age of four. Thanks for listening to him bang on the drums for countless years and thanks for putting up with his fleeting fancy with bass guitars. Thanks for raising him with love and for teaching him right from wrong. Thanks for teaching him to be kind and for letting him become his own person. Thanks for going on his field trips and baking him cookie dough without eggs in it so he could eat the batter and most of all, thanks for helping him become the incredible, lovable person that he is. I know I'm (extremely) biased, but I've never met anyone who didn't like Andrew (even before we got together), and that, I think, says a lot about the kind of mother you are.

P.S. I need more pictures of both of y'all.