Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Make the Balloon Banner Your Sister in Law Found on Design Mom in Six Easy Steps.

Step One:
Have your husband and mother in law pick up a bag of seventy two balloons at the store while you try to make sense of the walk in closet (!!!) attached to your bedroom. Take all of the pink balloons out of the bag since you're making the banner for a one year old boy's birthday.

Step Two:
Blow up balloons with your mother, mother in law, sister in law, and niece as your husband, son, nephew, and three of your brothers play rock band in the living room.

Balloon Banner
Balloon Banner

Step Three:
Watch your son, nephew, and niece to make sure none of them ingest balloons because they are SO excited about the party in the kitchen that they can barely stand up on their own two legs.

Balloon BannerBalloon Banner

Step Four:
Take pictures of your brother when he becomes The Balloon Monster.

Balloon Banner
Balloon Banner

Step Five:
Witness a pre-birthday meltdown that leads to bedtime.

Balloon Banner

Step Six:
Finish stringing balloons, say goodbye to your family members who aren't spending the night, and watch as your husband drops five thumbtacks before he finally gets the balloon banner to hang on the wall. Load your photographs from the past two hours on your computer and write a post entitled "How To Make the Balloon Banner Your Sister in Law Found on Design Mom in Six Easy Steps" (while listening to Katy Perry).

Balloon Banner
Balloon Banner
Balloon Banner

P.S. The title of this post is not misleading. My sister in law Joy taught me how to make this banner tonight, but I was banned from putting any photographs of her on the blog since we'd spent the afternoon swimming.

Did you get my play on words there?!
(It's okay if you didn't. I didn't catch it until I proofread this post.)

See the real tutorial here.