Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love you, Andrew Chandler.

Dear Mr. C.,


Two years ago today, you took me by the hand and promised to love me forever. We spent the day laughing, kissing, and dreaming about the life we would share. We knew that, somewhere in the far distant future, we would have children, we would fight, we would cry, and we would go through hard times, but in those short twenty-four hours, all that mattered was our pledge to be together for all eternity. I will never forget the way your eyes sparkled as you promised to stay with me forever, through thick and thin, loss and laughter, and I will never forget the way I felt as we drove off together that late afternoon, basking in the sunshine and sticky heat as the day came to a close, wondering where our lives were going to take us, but knowing it didn't really matter because we would always have one another.

Today, we'll probably spend the day unpacking, rearranging furniture, and bickering over whether or not a picture frame is straight, all while our child babbles and toddles around our feet. We'll probably kiss in our bedroom doorway as soon as we're alone and I'll probably lament the fact that we're too poor to have a real anniversary celebration (let alone anniversary presents). We'll talk about that day two years ago and five seconds later, we'll be talking about what we think our future will bring. I'll be stressed because of the move but I'll also be happy that, this year, I'm not 36 and a half weeks pregnant and you'll be happy that, since I'm weaning Maxwell, I won't eat as much of my food as I used to, leaving you to finish whatever is on my plate.

But most of all, we'll love each other.
So really, this day isn't that much different from all the others, except that it's our day, and when we're celebrating our golden anniversary forty eight years from now, we'll look back on today and shake our heads because, even though we think we've got this love thing down, we still don't have a clue.

I love you, Andrew Chandler.

Happy Anniversary!