Thursday, June 30, 2011

Instagram and YouTube Videos

Lately, my days have looked like the following Instagrammed images.
I've been busy organizing, decorating, and attempting to catch up on photographs.


I've barely had time to shower. (Who am I kidding? I haven't had time to shower!) BUT things are slowly coming together and we are loving our new home. So much that these two songs are Mr. C.'s favorites:

Honeybee by Blake Shelton
Whatever It Is by Zac Brown Band

Nope! Your ears and eyes did not deceive you, Mr. C. is a country music convert. He says it's because these songs remind him of me/us but, really, I just think he likes the twanging and driving around in summer Arkansas heat with his windows rolled down, blasting country music.

Don't worry, though, John Lennon is still the last thing you see when you walk out of our home.

P.S. Max turns ONE tomorrow!