Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lemonade on the Porch.

Our new apartment is amazing, and I'm not saying that lightly.
We have a dishwasher (a DISHWASHER!!!), a washer and dryer (a LAUNDRY ROOM hidden behind folding doors!), two bedrooms (we'll have a full fledged living room!), a pantry (!!), vaulted ceilings, a pool, walking trails, and our apartment looks over a pond, not a parking lot.

We also have a porch.
A real porch with white railing! A porch big enough for patio furniture!
A porch big enough for Max to have his own chair!


A porch big enough for Max to ditch his chair and go sit with his daddy on his grownup chair!


And, most importantly, a porch where I can get far enough away from everyone to take photographs with my big girl camera.


Yep. I think we'll be putting this porch to good use next week and the entire summer (and fall).
Now all we need is to buy a Sam's Club membership so we can keep our freezer stocked with cheap frozen lemonade.