Wednesday, June 08, 2011

One Photo, Three Ways and Other Pictures

Yesterday, my brother David decided that, when he grows up, he wants to be a nature photographer.
(Is that even close to the right tense? I have worked on that sentence for a whole minute.)
So, quickly after he made this life altering decision, we took my cameras and photographed a beautiful little creek.


David was all kinds of physical about it- he laid down on rocks, perched on his tippy toes, and ran from one place to the other with a zest only a ten year old muster, all while clutching my blue point and shoot camera. I, on the other hand, waded through the foot high water, found the biggest (dry) rock in the creek, and made myself at home.


And I'm not gonna lie, it was one of my favorite parts of an already-wonderful day.

See more "One Photo, Three Ways'" here. Fact: I posted a delicious photo of Maxwell today.

Also, want to see one of my favorite photographs? Click here.
Disclaimer: I (lovingly) made fun of Mr. C. at the end of it, but on someone else's blog, it kinda looks like I am mean and making fun of him.
I'm not mean, the last line is a long running joke between us, mainly because he used to take horrible pictures.
The humor kinda got lost somewhere in the blogosphere, though... or maybe I just wrote it really late at night and it came out wrong.
I don't remember.
BUT Mr. C.'s love for photography has grown exponentially the last while.
So much that he only shoots in Manual and is starting to deliver killer pictures.
It's hot.