Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Anniversary

Our anniversary this year was really low key.

Actually, everything right now (aside from moving) is really low key. Mama C. and Matt are hanging out in Arkansas with us, everyone's been sick the past few days, and well, we're kinda just recovering from packing up our apartment in three days, moving across the country in three days, and unpacking everything as fast as we could... even though, truth be told, most things are not put away. I'll get on that later today.

But I digress (as usual).

On our anniversary, we went to eat at Panera, took a long walk around a lake in town, and then came home and took Maxwell swimming (Nathan, Joy, and company came along, too). It looked a little like this:


That's us, sipping on water at Panera. Afterwards, Mr. C. climbed into my side of the booth and a really confused waiter tried to serve us a kids meal for the child who must have been in the bathroom or getting a drink (why else would we sit on the same side of the booth?), but the boy next to us waiting for his mac and cheese squealed loud enough that the waiter got it to the right spot.


And then that's us again, hanging out on our porch (!!!) before we headed off to our eight foot swimming pool with our near one year old.

Also, forgive me for the boob shot. I'm having a hard time weaning my baby boy.
Who I guess is a toddler now since he walks all over the place.

Oh. My. Soul.
I am one of those mothers who nurses their toddler (as I type this!).
It's time to cut him off.