Monday, June 06, 2011


Sometimes, I wish I were that girl who could take a simple space and appreciate the beauty of white walls, neutral colors, and minimalism.

But I am not that girl.

Nope. I am a hodge-podge kinda girl. I love colors. I love books. I love wall hangings. I love second hand. I love things that don't match. I love pillows. I love frayed, twenty-five year old blankets. I love bright and cheerful. I am a personality via decoration addict. If you enter my home, expect to see a little bit of crazy mixed in with a whole lot of love. Maybe that doesn't make sense to you, but it makes a whole lotta sense to me.


So I guess it also makes sense that, yesterday afternoon, Mr. C. and I traveled the three miles from Nathan and Joy's house to our new, white walled apartment (that we'll be living in two weeks and three days from today!) so I could finish painting a chalkboard for our niece's birthday present and left two hours later with a freshly painted, black, chalkboard wall.

And oh, it is glorious.