Friday, June 24, 2011

Part Five: LOVE.


The day after Andrew's birthday, I woke up so happy that my toes wiggled with delight each time I remembered how cute Andrew Chandler was. I had a test that morning but, instead of studying, spend a good chunk of my morning chatting with Andrew online. He had a test, too, so I decided to take matters in my own hands. After wishing him luck on his test (over a computer screen), I threw on some make up, ran to the testing center, and situated myself right behind the stairs Andrew would have to walk up when he came to take his test.

Sneaky, I know, but I liiiiked him.

Actually, my favorite place to study in the testing center was the spot by the stairs. I often studied there for some of my hardest tests, so completely absorbed in the leaves of information at my hands that I didn't notice when anyone walked by me. But, on January 24, 2009, I spent most of the time I sat there chewing on my pen cap, glancing at my notes, glancing at the doors, and glancing down at my books, all while chiding myself that I was getting worked up over someone I had just met.

As soon as I convinced myself that Andrew wasn't going to walk by me, he did. We talked. It was horribly awkward and after he walked away, I felt like pinching myself for being so ga-ga eyed over someone I didn't know. Then I studied some more and went to take my test, walking in as Andrew walked out. We waved. I took my test.

At BYU's testing center, there's a cubby by a window where people often leave notes for their friends and, as I walked past it after handing my test in, a piece of paper with big, red, block letters caught my eye. I stepped back to look at it again and saw, for sure, that the block letters spelled out LISSA. I opened it, saw a stick figure drawing of me getting an A on my test, and read a short note at the bottom, the name ANDREW scribbled below underneath. And, because, I was fast on the road to becoming a sap after spending one night with my future husband, my heart twittered.

I went home, looked up Andrew's number, and shot him a text. Unbeknownst to me, Andrew had been texting up a storm the past thirty minutes, asking our mutual friends and acquaintances whether or not they knew my number. He kept running into dead ends and, as soon as he decided to wait a little while and get it somewhere else, his phone lit up with a text from me, since I'd pulled out our ward directory and found his number as soon as I came home. We flirted via text for a while as he sat at lunch with his friend Zac and while I got ready for a date (not that I told him that's what I was doing). My date arrived, I sent Andrew one last text, dropped my phone in my bag, and went on my merry way for three or four hours, decked out in snow shoes and a fluffy hat. When my date left my apartment late that afternoon, I checked my phone and saw a text that Andrew had sent seconds after the last one I'd sent him, asking me what I was doing that night.

I responded quickly with, "Nothing."

Then I waited for my phone to light up and, almost magically, it did! I reached for it quickly and felt a little twinge when I saw that it was my good friend Katie, not Andrew. My nerves were for nothing! I talked to Katie, who wanted me to go to a party with her that night that somehow involved a whole lot of good lookin' fellas, but, thinking about the text Andrew had sent me and the fact that he might maybe want to do something, I said I was just going to chill that night. I hung up the phone after we talked for a while longer, promising to text her if I changed my mind, and, after I set the phone down, it lit up again!

Thinking it must be Katie calling me back about something she forgot to tell me, I successfully picked the phone up without any butterflies or tummy twisted. Then I looked closer at my phone and realized that I was receiving a text, not a phone call, and, more excitingly (!!!) I saw that it was a text from Andrew asking if I wanted to go see a movie.

Seriously. We watched more movies that weekend than we did in the first six months of our marriage.

And yes! Our first date started with a text!
(He was at work.)

I said "Sure" (I liked to play it cool) and two hours (and a shower and a healthy dose of perfume and lip gloss) later, Andrew reached out and held my hand amidst the smell of over buttered popcorn, dirty carpets, and stale $4 candy. We laughed the whole car ride home, snuggled to keep warm when he walked me to my door, laughed some more at each other as we said good night and, when I shut my door and he walked away, my whole body tingled. We texted for the rest of the night until we fell asleep, a quarter mile away from one another.

Not gonna lie, by the time we both fell asleep that night, we were a couple.
And a few days later, we were both in love, even though we didn't say it yet. And the day after that, we kissed. A week after we kissed, we said "I love you". And four weeks after that, we were engaged.

And five months and one day after our first date?

We got hitched.
No big deal.

And, looking back two years later, I think what I love most about mine and Andrew's story is that it wasn't something I expected. It wasn't something I planned on or thought about before diving in. It just happened. And, after it happened, we made it work.

And that's what I love the most.
That we always make our relationship work, even when we disagree over how to pack ties or whether McDonalds and Chick-fil-a should even be in the same fast food category. We don't always see eye to eye but we do (always!) agree on one thing:

We are crazy about each other.

Happy (early) Anniversary, Mr. C.!

Wedding photography by Lovelight Photography.