Monday, June 20, 2011

Part One: First Sight!

When I talk about the first time I saw Andrew Chandler, I often say this:

"The first time I saw Andrew Chandler, he was sitting on a couch."
Or I say this:
"The first time I saw Andrew Chandler, he blew me off."

Which is kinda true, but also a little dramatized. The first time I saw Andrew Chandler, he wasn't sitting on a couch. He was standing (maybe sitting?) in the middle of fifteen people I had just met and he was wearing a brown hat I absolutely hate on him. BUT the first time I saw Andrew Chandler knowing he was Andrew Chandler, he was sitting on a couch and he did kinda blow me off, but our stories about that night differ and I think his might be a little more true than what I remember, mostly because I was used to boys showing off to get my attention and Andrew Chandler was a totally different story.

So, this week, since we'll be married for two years (TWO years!!!) on Saturday, I've decided to post our little love story for the whole world to see. The real one, not the fluff, bubbles, and fireworks version.

Who am I kidding?
We have one of the most fluffy love stories I have ever heard in my life.
Here I go...

part one
[Us, a year and a handful of days after the first time we saw one another.]

The first time I saw Andrew Chandler, I had just pulled into a party after spending the entire day sweating at an amusement park. I was tired, hot, and a little grouchy because I didn't really want to be there, but had come anyways since one of my new roommates was throwing the party, held at her aunt's house. I walked through the house talking to my (other) roommate Kendra, and stepped onto the backyard patio, immediately noticing a boy I'd never seen before, a boy who was wearing a green shirt and a brown hat.

"Who's that?" The question fell off my li[s before I even consciously realized that I wanted to know.
"That's Andrew," Kendra replied.
"Andrew Chandler. Matt's brother who just got off his mission. Didn't you meet him last night?"
"No," I said, still (shamelessly) staring at him. I vaguely remembered a conversation I'd had with Matt a few weeks before when he told me he was spending the weekend in Idaho since his brother had just gotten off his mission, but it hadn't meant anything to me at the time so I'd pretty much forgotten about it.

Andrew didn't notice me (or, as I found out later, had noticed me as soon as I walked into the backyard but he ignored me because he'd been sitting a few feet away from me for a few hours the night before and thought I was a babe, even though I spent the night flirting (again, shamelessly) with a boy who loved watches.), but I kept watching him out of the corner of my eye as I grabbed a hamburger and a handful of chips. By the time I finally sat down, he walked to the hammock and an extremely loud girl with extremely curly hair followed him onto it, scooting closer to him than he liked. He looked extremely uncomfortable for five seconds and then bolted to another corner of the lawn, which made me smirk. Then I ate my food and hung out with Kendra for thirty minutes before leaving the part, stealing a last glance at Andrew before calling my current non-boyfriend.

I left a few days later to spend the month of July with my family, but when I came back, I learned that Andrew wasn't just visiting his brother. He'd actually moved into the apartment across from mine. His bedroom window faced my front door.

"He's actually really funny," Kendra told me.
"Who?" I asked.
"Andrew Chandler. He's really funny and he talks a lot now."
"That's cool," I replied, not really listening.

Before the summer ended, I went with my roommates to Andrew's apartment where they laughed with Matt and two of his roommates. The entire time, Andrew sat on the couch and ignored everyone as he went through his (massive) music library. Only partly invested in the conversation going on around me, I snuck a few glances at him and each time, recognized the obscure album covers flashing across his computer screen.

"That's a really good band," I finally said.
He looked at me, blushed, grinned, and looked away.

(He swears that he said "Yeah they are!" to me, which I can picture now but at the time, I just remember being embarrassed that he didn't talk to me so maybe he said it quietly or a sentence wasn't enough to qualify as talking back?)

That night, he popped up on my Facebook and I thought "There is no way I would ever friend him." Which, being a twenty-one year old sassafrass, made me think "Why would I think that?" So I friended him on Facebook (he confirmed me, don't worry!) and a few days later, he moved out of his brother's apartment and I assumed I would never see him again, if I assumed anything at all.