Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remember When I Graduated College?

It's true.

I busted my booty and graduated with (nearly!) two degrees this past April. I had to drop my English major last year, but because I am really cool, I kept taking English classes and nearly reassigned myself the second major last December since I was two classes shy of having everything, except I hadn't finished the foreign language requirement and my advisor wouldn't let me stay on through spring semester.

Actually, in the end, graduating by the skin of my teeth meant that I didn't care whether or not I had two degrees, mainly because they changed the policy last year and your second degree is merely a nod. It's not even a salute! Or an honorable mention! Or, y'know, even on your diploma or anywhere except in your overworked memory.

It's not like I walked or anything, but in April, I did attend commencement.

Edchacation Celebration

Here's me, standing outside my main home (the library) for three years of my life. I was a studyaholic in the Periodicals for a while and then I transitioned to studying in the desks on the fourth floor. I loved them and even wrote half of a novel holed up in them late into the afternoon. I'm not even going to lie, I think that I'll miss the fourth floor of the library more than anything else in Provo. They were my second home. I also TAed a History class here and worked for nearly two years as a manuscript processor in the Special Collections.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite photographs of that April day:

Edchacation Celebration
Edchacation Celebration
Edchacation Celebration
Edchacation Celebration

Don't let these pictures fool you.
Maxwell spent most of commencement doing this:

Edchacation Celebration

If you're a History student at BYU, my favorite classes (subject matter wise) were these:
The History of American Religion, History and Film, Ancient Roman History, and the Italian Renaissance. Also, working on the Thetean (the academic journal for the History Department) was really cool.

If you're an English student at BYU, my favorite classes were these:
American Novel, Creative Writing, Young Adult Literature, Picture Book Writing, American Folklore, and an Author class on Henry James and Jane Austen (even though I did pretty bad because of postpartum depression).

And my favorite professors, even if I didn't get to know some of them that well?
For History, they were Grant Underwood, Gary Doxey, and Amy Harris (she had really fun presentation and hands-on ideas, like keeping blogs and going to museums). Craig Harline is a really good professor as well. I didn't get to know him, but he was really funny in class and he wrote Andrew a letter of recommendation for graduate school so I'm a fan. So did Gary Doxey, who was hands down the nicest, most sincere professor I ever had. He was wonderful.

For English, I loved taking classes from Chris Crowe, Rick Walton, and Nicholas Mason. I had to withdraw from a class by Gloria Cronin (again, thanks to postpartum depression), but I loved every second I was in her class for the few weeks I was enrolled in it, even though I couldn't handle the workload.

Oh, and Matt graduated law school, too.

Edchacation Celebration

No big deal.

P.S. On Saturday, we took our official "So Long, BYU" photographs since Andrew finishes his undergraduate work this week. They are awesome. I'll post them later, which could mean tomorrow of five weeks from now.