Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Umm... Moving?

Tonight, I am tired.

But, since I'm almost caught up in the blogosphere, I am determined to not slack off again! Well, except for next week when we're traveling from the LDS Bubble of Provo, Utah, a place known for BYU, Nie Nie, and In-n-Out obsessions galore, to Fayetteville, Arkansas, a place known for Razorback football, Wal-Mart, and the 2005 Gale Library Journal Library of the Year.

Did I also mention Fayetteville has three Chick-fil-as, all within ten minutes of our apartment?
I can't even explain my excitement, nor could Max if he knew how to talk, spell, or type. The last two times he's had Chick-fil-a, he's ended up throwing up all over me and my cupped hands because, in the mere seconds my eyes diverted away from him, he picked up whole chicken nuggets with his little pincher grip and munched on them like a chipmunk for half a nugget, and then swallowed the other half whole.

Which, as all parents with Chick-fil-a addicted children know, leads to barfing.
Usually all over mama, but also all over outfits, the ground, and the food waiting to be ingested.
But that's not what this post was about.

This post is about Maxwell and how, while three adults spent most of the day packing books and disassembling furniture, he tried to pack himself up in a flat little box meant for mass market paperback books.

packin' up
packin' up

I guess he'd rather ride in the UHaul than in his Cadillac of a car seat, but don't worry, we'll bribe him to have a good time in Little Red (our car) by giving him ice cream every day of our road trip, kinda because it's yummy but also because yesterday, when we went for his 12 month baby check up (!!!) the doctor said he's too skinny... and then he said we should fatten him up with ice cream and other dairy products.


P.S. Vaccinate your kids cause I would like to keep mine around for a whole lot longer.