Friday, June 10, 2011

When I am a Grandmother, I Will Learn How to Knit.

I have a serious amount of blog catching up to do.
A serrrrrrious amount.
I didn't think I was missing out on much by not editing my photographs in a timely fashion for the past two months but heaven above! Now that I'm editing them, I have so much to say!

Like this, for example:


Max went swimming for the first time.


Max went swimming for the second time.


Max went swimming for the third time... and for the fourth and fifth time, too!

How will my grandchildren believe me when I say that their father was a crazy swimming fiend at the age of eleven months if I don't document it? Can grandmothers be trusted if they don't have photographic/journalistic (photojournalistic?) evidence of the things their children did?

Wait. Did I just become one of those bloggers who admits that their blog is, in fact, (gulp), their journal?

Ignore that, but know this: This blog is going to be more random than peppercorn chicken baked in bacon the next while. But the blog will go on! (And maybe that dinner will, too.)