Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where I Talk About Things That Are Not Okay.

Most of the time, when I blog, I am giving up sleep.
But there are other times when I give up time with him:


And other times when I give up time with him:


And, hardest of all, there are times when I give up time with us:


I do this so that, in forty years, Mr. C. and I can look back at our lives and read the words and smile at the photographs that took up our little corner of the blogosphere and, more importantly, reminisce about the itty bitty portion of the world that was, in fact, our world. Because of this, I have decided that, some nights and afternoons, it's okay to give up thirty minutes here or there so that I can document our lives and share them with our family scattered across the globe. Blogging has given us the chance to stay connected with people we love who live all over the world which, quite frankly, rocks.

And if you're a reader who has been inspired by a silly paragraph, a funny video, or a photograph, then that is great! I believe that inspiration comes in all forms and if you've found that here, then I am super happy we crossed paths.

And if you're a reader who loves my ideas, that's great too! I don't believe ideas are (typically) completely exclusive to one mind or that only one person comes up with an idea and that, afterwards, everyone else who has the same idea steals what the first person came up with. So, if you're someone who tries to take a photograph a day like we do, who likes my writing style and incorporates it into their own, or takes ideas from my photographs and makes them their own, then I am not addressing you.


If you're a reader who has copied my words (and, as a result, my voice), please stop. I write how I talk and when you lift my words and pass them off as your own, the authenticity of my voice is diminished and, as a result, yours is as well.

I put a lot of work and a lot of heart into this blog and I'd like to keep my words (and my voice!) all mine.