Friday, July 29, 2011

Exciting Decisions.

Lately, we have been making a lot of decisions.


One of those decisions? We have decided to take Lissa Clair Photos and lift it from a hobby business to a full-fledged, full-time business. I have been filling out paperwork, signing my signature, and business (and budget!) planning all week long. I have to admit: I'm a little frazzled and more than a little tired, but we are both really excited to make this happen. I have a lot of work cut out for me, particularly because neither of us have a lot of contacts in Fayetteville, but mostly, I'm just excited.

I'm excited to be somewhere were our family will love and grow for the next few years. I'm excited to have a husband who's studying something he loves. I'm excited that we have a happy, good natured baby who will make a great big brother (though not anytime in the next nine, ten, or eleven months. That was not a pregnancy announcement!). I'm excited to take (or "make" as one ridiculously talented photographer once said) more photographs. I'm excited that we have a fresh start in a fresh state and that we can do basically anything we want here and I'm happy and grateful that I have a husband who believes in me and my abilities - both artistically and literary, because you better believe I've been submitting short stories and essays all over the place lately, too.

I had a hard time keeping myself me after I became a mother, but I'm really excited to let y'all know that, lately, I can make this face seventy-five times a day...

Max Face

... and still go to bed knowing that I'm more than just a butt wiper and snot rag.

That's right! I'm a butt wiper, a snot rag, a funny-face maker, a comedian, a stylist, an interior decorator, a cook, a maid, a chauffeur, a photographer, a writer, a blogger, a wife, a make-up artist, a storyteller, a swimmer, an "owie" kisser, a husband kisser, a networker, and a blanket lover, too!

(Also a Mac owner whose laptop is dying more and more by each passing second.
Anyone want to buy me a desktop?! Anyone?)