Thursday, July 07, 2011

How To Display Picture Books in a Way That Doesn't Hurt Anyone's Eyes.

At the newly acquired two bedroom, two bathroom Chandler apartment (dishwasher included), things have been a little hectic. Our first week here, we set up all of our furniture, hung frames, unpacked boxes that were needed (like, say, kitchen boxes), and then stacked everything else around the apartment so that we could get to them when we needed them.

And, truth be told, even without all of our possessions unpacked, our apartment looked great.
Then, after Max's birthday and the Fourth, I decided it was time to get to work.

And, truth be told, our apartment now looks like a danger zone.
I'm not going to even talk about all that needs to be done or the fact that we can't walk across the floor but I will say that it's been so hectic that Maxwell's main mission of today was to catch me off guard, grab my modge podge, and spill it all over himself. And his second mission? It was to put his dirty clothes in his toilet.

Life with a one year old.
It's never boring.

BUT. In other news, I've spent the past fourteen hours organizing our books.
(Nope! I'm not done.)

So, instead of talking about how we now have a Children's bookcase, a Young Adult bookcase, and a History bookcase (plus more), here is my second favorite project that I worked on today! It's extremely easy and lemme just say, these (four) suckers add much more to their rooms than I anticipated. Even Mr. C. loves them, which is a big deal because when I told him what I was going to do, he kinda secretly rolled his eyes at me.

Yep! I caught you, Mr. C.

Step One:
Go to IKEA and buy as many of their $3.50 spice racks as you can get your hands on. We bought four, which seemed borderline excessive at the time, but now I wish we'd picked up a few more.

Spice Rack

Step Two:
Put the spice racks together and start painting.
(FYI: I did one shelf unassembled and it was twice the work for the same outcome.)

Spice Rack

Step Three:
After the spice racks are dry, hang them up! I painted ours turquoise, purple, and gold. The two gold ones are hanging in Max's room and the other two are holding cookbooks by our kitchen. Here they are!

Spice Rack
Spice Rack

If I hadn't started Modge Podging Moby Dick all over one of our bookcases, this would have taken me forty five minutes tops. These little makeshift shelves hold a ton of odd shaped books and I love 'em! As does Max, who reached and grunted for a new book every time we walked into his room this afternoon.