Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Make a Five Minute Canvas in Seven Easy Steps

If you're looking for something new to put on your wall that's quicker than the quickest then look no further.

Step One:
Realize that one of your canvases was damaged while driving across the country. Think about throwing it away but then realize that you have to keep it because it's a gallery wrap canvas and no one wants to throw those away.

Step Two:
Hang it on the wall plain.

Step Three:
Stare at it for two weeks.

Step Four:
Take it off the wall and squeeze turquoise paint onto a paper plate. Fingerpaint "X"s and "O"s over the entire canvas. Ward off your child with a paint covered hand while doing so.


If you're feeling like a sassafrass, then paint an "XO" using paint of a different color.


Step Five:
Accidently smudge blue paint over an "O".


Step Six:
Make sure that your husband praises your serious craftiness and gives you a kiss to celebrate your "XOXO" canvas. Hang the canvas back on the wall since the paint is already dry.

Step Seven:
You're done!

Did the phone pictures show just how quick this canvas is?
Five minutes may be a gross exaggeration on my part... This little art project was probably done in three. I'm a fast finger painter. That's a talent, right?