Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Weekend in Kansas City

We kicked our (early!) weekend off on Wednesday with a trip to the pool:


Just kidding. We didn't start our weekend on Wednesday, but we did take a break from unpacking, decorating, and applying to jobs and went swimming in our apartment's massive pool and I wanted an excuse to post these pictures since I didn't do it last week.


We did start our weekend early on Thursday and after Andrew had a job interview and I emptied our last box and made one last nail hole (!!!), we took off to Kansas City where we slept in my parent's "media room" (their name for the room with the freakin' sweet flat screen mounted on the wall and three floor to ceiling bookcases) and took photographs of my hair since I chopped four inches off of it the next morning which, let's be honest, isn't a big deal when your hair hits your waist but whatev. We took pictures anyway.


On Friday, we spent the morning at the Nelson-Atkins art museum in Kansas City which I LOVE. Maxwell saw his first mummy (!!!) and Mr. C. and I took turns being know-it-alls who had to tell their spouse everything they had ever known about a certain work of art or time period.


Afterwards, we ate Chick-fil-a with the fam and watched Harry Potter while Max hung out with his Nana. And all I'm going to say about that is this: The movie was two hours and ten minutes long and I cried big ol' fatty tears for an hour and forty five minutes. We love Harry. And I really, really love Ron and Hermione. Just don't ask me who my favorite character is, because I have like fifty-five (but mostly it's Hermione). Anyway, Friday was as close to perfect as a day could be.

And Saturday? We went to Worlds of Fun, Kansas City's very own amusement park. With three kids four and under, it was hilarious, especially since Sophie surprised everyone and showed off her daredevil side. When it was time to leave, she started to cry and said "But I wanted to go on every ride!" Ah! Love her and her diva-ish ways.


Also, in case you're bored and want to read about weather, the weather was ridiculously, ridiculously hot yesterday. The kinda hot that makes you feel like you're melting and all you want to do is take off all your clothes even though you're in public and run through sprinklers. Or just find some air conditioning. (We found air conditioning.)

Weird that we can take a short drive up to my childhood home for the weekend. Also awesome.
Thanks for having us Mom and Pops!

P.S. Yes, I said "freakin' sweet" in this post. Blame it on the fact that I've spent most of the past two days with a twelve year old boy and a ten year old boy... and my husband, too.