Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Quick Peek Into Max's Room

Dear Mama B. and Mama C.,

Here's a little peek into Maxwell's bedroom!

Max's RoomMax's Room
Max's Room

We love Maxwell's room.
But as much as we love it? Maxwell loves it more!

Max's Room
Max's Room
Max's Room

His new favorite game is for Andrew to pull out the daybed's trundle and to drop his toys over the edge and then slide down the bed to the trundle and from the trundle to the carpet. Then he scurries back to the top and does it all over again! He is crazy, but we're keeping him.

Lissa (and Andrew and Max, too)

P.S. Thanks, Mom, for giving us my childhood bed. I love how it looks across from Max's crib. And Andrew? He likes sleeping on it when he and Max spend early mornings together. Plus, it's really great for family snuggles.

P.P.S. Thanks, Mom, for giving us Andrew's childhood toys. Max is in love with Big Bird.